Terms and Conditions of Purchase

1. Basic concepts

1.1. Website www.sportsdecor.lt  – representative and electronic store of accessories for active leisure activities (bicycles, scooters, etc.), located at www.sportsdecor.lt ;

1.2. Buyer – a legal or natural person who purchases / buys goods at www.sportsdecor.lt .

1.3. Seller – Arūnas Stumbrevičius, tel. +370 609 53646 ,  email. address sportsdecor.lt@gmail.com , Individual Performance Execution Certificate No.900895.

1.4. Rules – Rules for the purchase of goods at www.sportsdecor.lt  online store.

2. General provisions

2.1. These Rules shall come into force when the person browses the website www.sportsdecor.lt . The person using the website www.sportsdecor.lt  acknowledges that he / she is familiar with these Rules, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them.

2.2. These Rules determine the terms of use of the Website www.sportsdecor.lt  when receiving information about the goods and providing information to the Seller.

2.3. The Seller reserves the right to change these Rules at any time and such changes shall come into effect from their publication on the website www.sportsdecor.lt . Individuals are always advised to familiarize themselves with the latest version of these Rules.

3. Using the Website www.sportsdecor.lt .

3.1. www.sportsdecor.lt   is a system of information and sale of goods, which gives the Buyers the opportunity to get information about the existing goods and to buy goods from the Seller.

3.2. All persons who have the right and ability to enter into such transactions can purchase the goods,  persons whose capacity in this field is not restricted, having technical capability to pay for goods and goods, and comply with the requirements of these Rules.

3.3. The Buyer does not have to register at www.sportsdecor.lt  to purchase the Product. The Buyer simply chooses the desired Item, chooses the desired quantity, provides personal information and his / her valid e-mail address, other information requested by the Seller about the Buyer, gives the system the requested approvals and consents and permission to transfer its data to the Seller.

3.4. The Buyer may pay for the Goods using Paysera’s integrated electronic payment methods.

3.5. The Goods must be paid for immediately. In case of late payment for the Goods, the Buyer bears the risk that the Goods will not be bought and delivered.

3.6. Goods are issued to the Buyer only after paying the full price of the goods. Information on Commodity Prices is available on the Website at the time of Purchase. After the Buyer has duly paid for the Goods, the generated electronic account is sent to the Buyer’s e-mail address. The Buyer is responsible for providing an accurate and valid email address. If the Buyer submits an inaccurate or invalid e-mail address, he assumes responsibility for the Goods not being sent to him. In such a case, the Buyer shall apply directly to the Seller for the receipt of the Goods or for the return of the Goods.

4. Buyer’s rights and obligations

4.1. Buyer must:

4.1.1. To pay the Seller with due and timely payment for the Purchased Goods;

4.1.2. Provide accurate, complete and correct data;

4.1.3. Not to violate and adhere to these Rules;

4.1.4. Pay for the Goods at the time of ordering;

4.1.5. Before purchasing the Goods, make sure that all the information is entered correctly, including the contact mobile phone number, e-mail address and the place of delivery of the goods, as well as all relevant information on the purchase of the Goods;

4.2. Buyer is not allowed:

4.2.1. Use any devices, applications or software that may interfere with the proper functioning of www.sportsdecor.lt ;

4.2.2. Perform any actions that would place an unreasonable or excessive load on the www.sportsdecor.lt  website.

4.3. Law enforcement authorities will be informed about the illegal activities of the Buyer.

4.4. The Buyer, using the www.sportsdecor.lt  website, Purchase System, assumes full responsibility for the correctness, completeness and reality of the data provided and assumes all relevant consequences for non-compliance with such requirements.

4.5. Buyers use the website for their own risk. The Seller does not guarantee and is not responsible for the fact that the Buyers will not cause any interference or problems when using the Website.

5. Seller’s responsibility

5.1. The Seller shall not be liable for any malfunctions of the Paysera payment system that are not due to Paysera’s fault, nor shall it indemnify for any damage caused by these malfunctions.

6. Other terms

6.1. Due to technical obstacles or other circumstances www.sportsdecor.lt  website and possibility to purchase the Goods may be suspended or terminated.

6.2. All disputes are settled by negotiation. If peaceful negotiations fail to resolve the disputes that have arisen, they will be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and only in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania, irrespective of possible contradictions in the applicable laws.