Pedal hook bike storaging system – wall bicycle mount „#1“


Unique decorative bicycle wall mount created and produced in Europe. We pay special attention to quality, so you can choose this product as a gift for a bike lover – we are sure You‘ll give a pleasant surprise. You can also order the product in a sturdy gift box – all you will have to do by Yourself – choose a postcard .

Includes 4 stickers: “I love bikes”, “I love my bike”, “Nr. 1 “and” No.1 “.

Suitable for all types of bicycles and bicycle pedals.




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Pedal hook (  For 1 bicycle needed 1 pcs )  :

Product info :

Material : 3mm powder coated steel

Color : Red / White

Water resistance : Partial ( powder coating , for indoor usage )

Heigh  : 33 cm

Width : 12 cm

Depth : 15 cm

Weight : ~ 900 gr


Product description :

We recommend to use bicycle pedal hook together with the wheel shelves. For hanging 1 bicycle on the wall You will need 1 pedal hook and 2 wheel shelves. From the height of the wall, depending on the height of the room, you can hook up 2 or 3 bikes. The pedal hook is fixed at 4 points, and each wheel shelf at 2, so you can hang the bike even on the gypsum wall (we do not recommend to hang heavy bicycles over 15-16 kg on gypsum walls ). The bike is removed and hung on the wall without any tools – just hook the pedal and put wheels on the shelves. If you put 2 bikes on the wall from the height, you can remove any bicycle from the bracket without moving the second.

Bicycle types – road, cyclocross, touring, adventure, triathlon, fitness, hybrid, mountain (MTB), city , BMX , folding bikes – this bike storaging system will fit all these and most pedal types.


Wheel shelf ( for 1 bicycle needed 2 shelves ) :

Product info :

Material : 3mm powder coated steel

Color : Red / White / Black

Water resistance : Partial ( powder coating , for indoor usage )

Heigh  : 6 cm

Width : 23 cm

Depth : 5 cm

Weight : ~ 600 gr ( 1 pcs )