Folding bike transportation bag


Bags for Folding City Bikes – Dahon, Tern, Brompton, Raleigh, Prophete and others. Comfortable carrying in Your arm or on the shoulder, ideal for transporting few bikes in the car’s trunk. Your car will remain clean , and bicycle will have no scrathes with this bag. It is also great for traveling by train or bus.



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Product info:
Material: Strong synthetic fabric ( 340gr/m2 )
Color: Black
Water resistance: Partial

  • Personal emblem can be ordered ( please write us an e-mail message what should be written or what logo to use on the emblem )

What size of the bag to choose ?

1. For 24-20″ size wheels folding bikes:
Heigh: 90 cm
Width: 130 cm
Depth: …..
Weight: ~ 1100 gr

This size will fit MOST 24″ wheels size folding bikes and ALL 20″  wheels size bicycles. We recommend to use this size of the bag, if Your 20″ wheels bike is in bigger dimensions when folded, also if it has cargo racks, mudguards and similar things , making bike bigger. Bigger bag means more space in it, so You can also put in its side Your wet shoes or clothes, if it happened so, that You were  driving during the rain.

2. For 20-16″ size wheels folding bikes:
Heigh: 90 cm
Width: 120 cm
Depth: …..
Weight: ~ 860 gr

This bag will fit MOST 20″ wheels size bicycles and ALL 16″ bicycles. Less size of the bag means more compact packed bike, so this size is liked by truck drivers, or people who transport bike inside the car on the back seat, or in the train or bus.


Product description:
Quick and easy bicycle removal and insertion due to the wide open and double-sided zipper. Two length handles – for carrying in Your hand or on the shoulder. We also offer a small handlebar bag (dimensions 40x22cm), which will fit well with bicycle transportation bag or water bottle, smartphones, wallet, keys, wind or rain jacket.

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