Electric scooter transportation bag


Electric scooter bag (photos with Xiaomi Mijia M365,  but the bag also fits most other models). Comfortable carrying on the shoulder, carrying scooter in the hand we recommend use standard carrying recommended by the manufacturer ( hold on the handlebar tube – just pull the zipper about 20 cm in the place You hold the scooter ). Ideal for transporting your vehicle in your car’s trunk. It is also great for traveling by train or bus.



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Product info:
Material: Strong synthetic fabric ( 340gr/m2 )
Color: Black
Water resistance: Partial
Heigh : 60 cm
Width: 120 cm
Depth: 35 cm
Weight: ~ 700 gr

Product description:
Quick and easy scooter removal and insertion due to the wide open and double-sided zipper. Handles for carrying scooter on Your shoulder. We also offer a small handlebar bag (dimensions 40x22cm), which will fit well with scooter transportation bag or water bottle, smartphones, wallet, keys, wind or rain jacket.

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