Bicycle in frame bag ( 1 compartment )

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One-compartment bike frame bag for your bike. Usually, one-compartment frame bags are used for MTB mountain bikes, or bikes with smaller frame sizes (M, S, etc.)

Can be adapted to various types of bikes as needed: cyclocross, gravel, mtb hardtail, mtb full suspension, hybrid, city and most other bikes.

How it’s ordered > produced ?

A) From a sheet of paper (cardboard), you cut out the template for the bag of the inner part of the frame, mark the bag attachment points for the Velcro strips, the places for the drink holder screws to be attached to the frame, and send the template to us (the most convenient and fastest way is to use parcel machines like Omniva, DPD or others ). We will also ask for a photo of the bike – send it by e-mail: (take the photo at the angle shown in the photos – i.e. directly in front of the bike)


B ) Draw a rough sketch of your bicycle frame by hand on a piece of paper and write down the internal dimensions of the frame in the sketch. We will also need a photo of your bicycle frame – take the photo as described above (option A). Send photos of the drawing and the bicycle frame (or scanned pdf files) by e-mail:

Production time: it usually takes up to two weeks, but if you need the bag urgent (planned trip), please contact us, and if possible, we will make your order in a few days.

Delivery to You: for delivery we usually use parcel machines located closest to You. If delivery is urgent – other delivery methods are also available.

Technical information :

Thick and durable fabric cordura 340 gr/m2, waterproof.

The seams are not welded, so the bag is not completely waterproof.

Fastening to the frame with velcro straps. Most likely, they will be longer than You need – just cut them with scissors as much as they are too long for you. Cut in a semicircular shape – not perpendicularly, so the straps will not stick anywhere, and they will hold more reliably.

The head of the normally closed zipper is in the front, so that you can put, for example, a flashlight battery in the bag, and pass the power cable through the slightly retracted zipper. However, upon request, we can produce as You need.

If You have any questions, feel free to call tel. +370 609 53646 or send an e-mail: to consult. We communicate in LT / EN / RU languages.