SportsDecor – for active stylish people


We love active outdoor leisure as well as we love high quality sports equipment, so our idea – every sports equipment must have a right place for itself and  accessories in high quality and comfortable to use.

And if Your sports inventory also reflects your lifestyle or achievements – we are sure that You want to have it in the most beautiful place of Your home.

For the last few years, we have been looking for different solutions to make a smart and comfortable use of the place, and we think we’ve found some optimal options.

Different bicycle types – road, cyclocross, touring, adventure, triathlon, fitness, hybrid, mountain (MTB), city , BMX , folding bikes – not only these, but also so popular electric scooters – we will have what to offer for all of them.

Every new day we meet with a new ideas – creating new products for watersports and other active outdoors activities. In the late fall , after You storage You bicycles and scooters on the wall , we will offer products for winter activities.

SportsDecor - for active stylish people.